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Save time? Save money?Done and done with the Yahoo Mail app.

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Track packages effortlessly

Meet mission control for easy package tracking. A summary view shows you the delivery status for all your orders.

Keep tabs on free trials

Reminders help you manage trial subscriptions, so you can cancel (if you want) before you get charged.

Spot receipts easily

Return that impulse buy faster. Tap receipts view to see all your receipts at once and find just the one you need.

Less SearchingMore Finding

Find attachments fast

See all your attachments in one view, and filter by files or photos to find just the cat pic you’re looking for. Your thumb will thank you.

View by sender

Find that one email from that one person with just a tap. No complicated inbox searches necessary.


Unsubscribe in a single tap

Skip the tiny unsubscribe links at the end of long emails. See promos and newsletters in one spot, drop the ones you don't want anymore. It's that easy.

Call the Shots

Connect all your emails

Bring your Gmail, AOL, Microsoft or other account, and take advantage of extra features.

Customise everything

Choose inbox colours. Set your own swipe actions. Organise navigation your way. This app is yoga-level flexible.

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